JATCS is the largest annual conference hosted by Japan Sewage Works Association (JSWA).
JATCS has been playing an important role in development of Japanese wastewater industry, new technology and expertise in order to achieve clean water. The last in- person conference in 2019, 27 papers were presented in English in 3 sessions while 437 papers in Japanese in 18 sessions and more than 2600 professionals participated in total.
JSWA welcomes international speakers and non-speakers to meet and exchange information and expertise with Japanese wastewater professionals from utilities, governments, private companies, academia, research institutes and NGOs.
Facility tour is also organized in English for registrants.

Note: This conference will be held digitally if the organizers decide that the situation does not allow in-person format due to the COVID-19. The decision is made in early-June 2021.


Date: 17th - 19th August 2021(English session 18th-19th August 2021)
Venue: Osaka Bay Area ATC Hall
Session Topics
-Technical Innovation
-Strategy and Best Practice
-Science and Technology

Japan Sewage Works Association